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About us

At Butter, we're building the most powerful and delightful platform for remotely facilitated collaborative sessions.

Ever since we shipped our first lines of code back in May 2020, we've been serious about building a tight-knit team that prides itself on being bold and flexible, while fully embracing silliness.

We're a fully remote team of 11 fantastic people living and working in 5 countries across 2 continents. We believe that by building a diverse team, we expand our minds and build both a product and a company that by its nature is also truly global.

Our ambition to be the world's leading complex collaboration platform is fuelled by our belief that the future of building businesses is about building better ways to work remotely — we want to empower that future.

To find out more about the Butter way of remote collaboration head over to our blog, read our posts on LinkedIn, or follow us on Twitter. If you’re interested in a founder’s thoughts on remote company building, follow Jakob on LinkedIn.

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Product Designer

Butter’s 9 operating Principles

Building a remote world We are changing the way teams around the world collaborate remotely. We believe that we’re solving one of the biggest challenges remote companies and teams face. And if we prove that people can do complex collaboration remotely, we will unlock a new, remote-first era. And we won’t settle for anything less than that.
Be bold and adventurous

We think curiosity, bold thought, and the readiness to take on an adventure are essential. In the case of two paths, we are not afraid to take the riskier one! We believe that nothing great comes from simply copying what other folks are doing. To truly build the future experience of complex meetings, we need to think radically differently & we celebrate that kind of thinking at Butter!

Embrace silliness

We NEVER take ourselves too seriously, and we believe that is for the better! A few silly vibes make the workplace a much nicer place - and honestly, we just can't help ourselves. We have way too many butter-based puns to live with a straight face...

Be open-hearted and open-minded

We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere and from anyone - and we want a culture where people feel safe to speak their minds without judgment. We think an open heart both listens and responds and an open mind learns and grows. Therefore, when we give feedback or express our opinions, we do it with compassion and when we receive feedback, we do it without being defensive. In this way, we continuously stay receptive to new ideas, learn and dare to dream big.

Make the world a smaller place We want to work with the best people - regardless of where they live in the world, what their background is or what educational merits they hold. We want to remove barriers and borders in all aspects of our work and culture. We think that by building a team of truly diverse individuals we expand our minds and build both a product and a company that by its nature is also truly global.
Never walk alone We believe that everything exceptional in the world is built by people coming together. When you only look out for yourself, no one wins. Butter is a no silo, no lone wolf company! Times can get tough. Work can get intense. Instead of powering through (and burning out), we hit the pause button and flag that we’re walking alone. We should NEVER be afraid of speaking up openly to ask for help or guidance, or even for time for a cup of coffee…
Flexibility goes both ways Working as a remote team carries a tremendous amount of flexibility - both for us as individuals and for the company. The organisation will never decide our working hours. We will never be told to be at our desks (somewhere in the world) at any given time. On the other hand, it sometimes also means fires need to be put out urgently, emails checked over the weekend, or meetings taken at odd hours - because flexibility goes both ways. But we decide how we best do so - ourselves! Having full flexibility in when, how, and where we work from, creates a commitment that lets us do our job with relentless passion, intensity, and excitement.
Solve impactful problems We want to solve the biggest challenges for our users. We don’t just ship features because we can, we ship them because they are real solutions to pains our users experience. We are obsessed with seeking to understand the root causes of these problems. And we believe understanding these will be the key to lasting success!
Our Butter Butter is built by all of us - not by a single individual. That also means that we all need to think independently about how to prioritise and best contribute to our success. We are owners here, working towards the same shared goal, taking initiative, and caring about long-term, lasting results. We trust all of us to make the right call, even if nobody is watching.

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Unsolicited applications? Yes, please 🙌

We might not have an open role for you right now, but we're ALWAYS looking for great people and encourage you to reach out if you want to be part of our team.

What should you send? - A few lines (or maybe record a Loom!) on why you're excited about Butter - Your thoughts on how you can help us be even better! - Your LinkedIn profile (or resume) ... and feel free to get creative 🥳 Apply by filling out this form! 📃